Nootri FamilyTM

Nootri FamilyTM is a delicious multigrain nutritious porridge meant for the whole family produced from premium grade 100% non-GMO soya, maize and sorghum or whole wheat selectively sourced locally in Africa. It contains 13 essential vitamins which include Vitamin A, B6, B12, C & D, 4 minerals and proteins that benefit your overall health and provide energy to fuel your active lifestyle


NootriTotoTM is meant specifically for children older than 6 months. For infants younger than 6 months, exclusive breastfeeding is highly recommended.

NootriTotoTM serves to complement the diets of breastfeeding infants and young children who are starting to consume family foods. NootriTotoTM is a cereal based porridge that contains skimmed milk powder. It is further enriched with Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, E & D, calcium, zinc and iron, all of which are necessary to meet young children’s nutritional needs.


NootriMamaTM is meant exclusively for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Consumption is recommended immediately upon discovery of pregnancy. NootriMamaTM is a cereal based porridge rich in the vitamins and minerals that are necessary for healthy early childhood development. NootriMamaTM is enriched with vitamins A, B6, B12, C, E & D and calcium, zinc and iron. Consistent complementary consumption of NootriMamaTM is recommended for breastfeeding mothers until their child is two years of age.

Small holder Sourcing Development


• Outgrower scheme with 9 cooperatives (7,500+ farmers), extension services, forward contracts, access to finance for coops.
• Challenge with honouring contracts, fixed price in forward contract an issue.
• Aflatoxin challenges with maize from traders.

1,738 MT of Grade 1 Maize Purchased in Rwanda

Key Learnings: Flexible pricing is important when contracting with small holder farmers & better post-harvest practices are needed to prevent aflatoxin.


• AIF establishes mobile collection centres, field agents and quality staff in field, AIF’s mobile shelling machines brought to rural aggregation points
• Aflatoxin quality improved at AIF’s mobile collection centres but still many rejections in elsewhere the field. Reach of centres are small and costly to scale up collection centres

4,520 MT of Grade 1 Maize Purchased in Rwanda despite El Nino

Key learnings: Post-harvest interventions at farmer level significantly improve maize quality.


• Scaled up intervention by buying maize on cob and establishing a central threshing facility.
Field staff around the country buy cobs and transport them to central location for processing
• Work directly with more than 24,000 Rwandan small holder farmers

9,068 MT of Grade 1 Maize Purchased in Rwanda (YTD)

Key learnings: buying on the cob can virtually eliminate aflatoxin rejections but high-capacity threshing and drying machines are needed to be able to be able to offer farmers free post-harvest services.

WFP Partnership

In East Africa stunting rates frequently exceed 35%
• Super Cereal Plus can be used to:
– Treat moderate acute malnutrition (MAM) among infants 6-59 months of age; OR
– Prevent stunting through complementary feeding infants 6-23 months of age
• 5-year contract for the supply of 25,000 MT of Super Cereal Plus to WFP per year
• Distributed mostly to South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania
• More than 1.7 million children aged 6-59 months treated for MAM every year (3-months complementary feeding/child)
• Only African company certified to supply Super Cereal
Plus to WFP

Rwanda Ministry of Health Programme

5-year nutrition programme with Rwanda’s
Ministry of Health to
• Reduce stunting by 16-32% by 2020
• Reduce micronutrient deficiency
• Maintain 85% exclusive breastfeeding
• Aim is to reduce stunting among pregnant and
breastfeeding mothers (PLW) and infants aged 6-59 months in Ubudehe 1 across Rwanda
• Nutritious complementary foods reach more than
90,000 mothers and infants through health centres across Rwanda.
• Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) is responsible for supply chain management and
• Blood samples taken and biomarkers measured for Iron, Vitamin A, Anemia and Chronic and Acute Inflammation.
• Anthropometric measurements taken
• Study results to be published end of 2020

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

What do we promise ?

Right nutrition
– Rich protein, fat, energy content
– Rich minerals and vitamins
Food safety
– Highest quality standards
– Highest hygienic standards
Right information and communication

How do we deliver to promise ?

– Hygienic design
– Standard Operating
Procedures in place
– Training
– Zoning concept
– Lot definition and traceability
– Bar coding
– Supplier qualification
– HACCP approach
– Documentation system
– 3 labs on site
– Certificate of Analysis
– Batch record

– Quality and hygiene will not be compromised
– AIF is FSSC 22000 certified

Manufacturing Facility Details

Location: Kigali Special Economic Zone, Rwanda
Targeted Capacity: 45,000 tons Super Cereal+ per year
Fully serviced site with roads, power, water, waste water treatment, fire water etc.
Situated on 4000 m 2 land, including ten 2000 m 3 silo’s, dryer, 3 warehouses, offices, weighing bridge,
generators and other utilities.
Environmental impact assessment for the site was completed and formally approved.

Plant Build

• Start building: December 2015
• Mechanical complete: September 16, 2016
• Commissioned: November 16, 2016
• Official opening: May 31 st 2017

Production started: December 2016
Currently operating at 100%

Nutrition & Local Sourcing

To counter malnutrition DSM agreed to work with Government of Rwanda, World food Program, CDC (the investment arm of the DFID), the International Finance Corporation (IFC is part of the World Bank) and FMO (a Dutch development bank), to create a sustainable solution to scale-up the creation and delivery of nutritious, supplementary food for the first 1,000 days of life in Rwanda.

The focus of the initiative is to help people -vulnerable populations (particularly pregnant and breast-feeding mothers, older infants and young children) maximize potential through improved nutrition with affordable, high quality, locally sourced foods

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